Book Review: The Garrison State, 1949-1947

Jan 01 1970

Book By: Tan Tai Yong This book in details talks about the Role of Sikhs in WWI I am summarising few of the section below the section Recruiting in Punjab: "Martial Race" and the Military District By the end of the nineteenth century, Punjab has replaced the North Central India, Bombay and Madras as the main recruiting ground for the Indian Army, supplying more than half the combatants for the entire force. The entire province has been opened as the main recruiting ground for army In India by the turn of the century. Rather, the military labor markets in Punjab, the number, and types of soldiers were recruited and the localities from where they were drawn, was extremely limited one in 1900. Within Punjab only selected group of martial classes mainly Sikhs, Punjabi Muslims and, to a lesser extent, Dogras and Hindus Jats, were eligible for recruitments. All other groups and classes of Punjabi that did not fall in the categories designated as martial classes were automaticall

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