With 97.7 FM for program on Cyber Security for Women.

Published: Thu, 03 May 2018
I as IGP, Cyber Crime, Punjab Police Speaking to 92.7 Big FM on women security.
Hello everyone,
I want to greet you on the international women's day and I wish you a successful and happy day. This is a joint initiative of Punjab Police and Big FM, about the women's security on the web.
Over the past few years, it has come to light the most of the cybercrime victims are women. This has been learned that most of the time's victims personal photographs or videos that they share themselves online are taken and morphed and then victims are blackmailed. I want to tell you that by taking some basic precautions we can combat this, and police are capable of finding such criminals and bring them to the book.
  • Kindly only put those pictures online that you are comfortable sharing with anyone, don't put anything that is private in nature online.
  • We sometimes share our private pictures with our live ones as we trust them but the problem is that even whether other people can keep them private is a matter of concern, and your privacy is at the mercy of others.
  • Something that has once pushed online can go anywhere as internet never forgets, so something that you want not to be shared doesn't put it online even at the private secure sites.
  • The personal contents that we keep on our phones still remain there even after you delete it when you sell your phone to some vendor or another person he can easily retrieve your old photograph or videos by using some very basic retrieval tools. So when you dispose of your phone please make sure that you format it before handing out to anyone else.
  • When some people start to follow you online and keep on sending messages to you even after your disapproval is called cyberstalking, and this is an offense. There are specific laws to book such people.

I am getting it upgraded!
Naunihal Singh,IPS